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Cognac Giraud - Distillerie de l'Etang - Distillation - Achat vins & Eaux-de-vie de Cognac - Stockage - Cognac en vrac prêt à la mise en bouteille - Private Label


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Cognac Giraud - Distillerie de l'Etang - Distillation - Achat vins & Eaux-de-vie de Cognac - Stockage - Cognac en vrac prêt à la mise en bouteille - Private Label

In the 1920s, Marcel Giraud set up his vineyard in Boutiers-Saint-Trojan in the heart of the Cognac production area. But the first Cognac eaux-de-vie were produced in 1963 with the creation of the Distillerie de l'Etang by Paul Giraud.

Today, our family-owned company is involved in the entire Cognac production process, from the vineyard to the blending, including vinification, distillation and aging.

Each year, the eaux-de-vie are selected as soon as they come out of the still and then stored in oak barrels to begin their ageing.

After the ageing period, it is time for the blending. This art is carried out by our Cellar Master, Eric Giraud, and passed down through the generations. Today, his son, Etienne, continues this tradition.

We offer "tailor-made" Cognacs or private label that suit each market of our professional clients. We manage the entire finishing process : reduction, chilling and filtration to deliver bulk Cognac ready for bottling at 40% vol.

We produce Cognacs of all ages (VS, VSOP, XO, XXO, Extra...) thanks to our stock of eaux-de-vie and our wholesale activity. We ensure the regularity of our blends over time.

For any information request, contact us now.

Paul Giraud, 2nd generation, creates Distillerie de l'Etang


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We use our savoir-faire, acquired over generations, to create a tailor-made Cognac that will correspond to your identity and your different markets. We are specialized in the elaboration of Private-Label Cognac.

Our expertise in Cognac production ensure regular blends over time. The Cognac that will become your signature will be delivered ready for bottling at 40% vol.

We can also meet specific needs :

- Vintage,

- Single Village / Single Cru

- Grape variety (Folle Blanche, Colombard or Montils)

- Single Cask

- Finishing

We can deliver Cognac in bulk in different packaging : tank, 1000L IBC or plastic barrels / drums (250L, 220L, 120L...)

distillation alambic cognac

Distillerie de l'Etang distils the wines from the six different crus in its alambics charentais. We apply the "distillation charentaise", a traditional method known as "à repasse" involving two successive "chauffes".

As a professional distiller, we distil the wines of our winegrowers partners and handle the entire wine supply chain (removal from winegrowing estate, transport and storage).

Each winegrower can sell his harvest in several ways : after vinification, distillation or even ageing period.


The sale of wines or eaux-de-vie can be the subject of a multi-year contract.

cognac vrac bulk

Wholesaling of cognac is our core business. 

We buy and sell batches of eaux-de-vie of all areas and ages from our network of partners.

We have our own semi-trailer tanker to carry out the transport and respect the confidentiality of the transactions.

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As an authorised warehouse keeper we can store and manage the ageing of your eaux-de-vie under suspension of excise duties. We have a storage capacity of 60,000HL and you can benefit from a dedicated cellar.

We have dry and wet cellars on two independent sites. Our range of barrels is diversified and regularly renewed to ensure optimal ageing of the eaux-de-vie.

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Our vineyard extends over twenty hectares in Fins Bois around Boutiers-Saint-Trojan.

Our experienced team is involved from plantation to harvest.

We make vinification a priority in order to reveal the finest characteristics of our terroir in our wines and then in our eaux-de-vie.

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Distillerie de l'Etang SAS
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Suivez-nous :

16 route des Renardières

16100 Boutiers-Saint-Trojan


Tel. No. : +33 5 45 32 12 76

Opening hours :

Monday - Thursday : 8h00 - 12h30 / 13h30 - 17h30

Friday : 8h00 - 13h00

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